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    Canning home-made chicken soup using a pressure cooker

    Pressure canning - Layered Chicken eSoup.Wanted to learn to can and maybe this is a good way to start.

    Make Canned Chicken - Lasts 3+ Years on the Shelf!

    Love canning soup! So handy to have on hand. What a great idea!!

    Homemaking on the Homestead: Canning Chicken Noodle-less Soup

    Homemade Onion Soup Mix. No MSG or artificial flavorings in this recipe. The ultimate staple to have on hand in your kitchen to make quick and easy dips, sauces and even the perfect pot-roast!

    Homemade Soup Mix in a Jar

    Chicken Mexican Soup ( for Canning ) from A canning recipe for Chicken Mexican Soup. I came up with this great tasting soup by following safe canning guidelines. I pressure can soup every summer to enjoy through the winter. It is easy and taste great! This recipe makes 7 quarts.

    Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup -- perfect for soups and casseroles and SO easy to make homemade! |

    Canning Chicken Stock 10 pounds of pressure for 90 minutes. Will take several hours to cool enough to remove the lid of canner.

    Fall Canning: Soups and Stews

    French Onion Soup - Pressure Canned - Recipe is in the comments! Enjoy!

    Strawberry canning how-to.

    Recipe: Hot pepper jelly

    Thy Hand Hath Provided: Classic Tomato Soup (canned)

    Make your own Mozzarella. It's the easiest cheese to make and tastes so wonderful when it's this fresh.

    Cream of Chicken Soup mix. No more nasty ingredients! Mix with water and use in any recipe calling for Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom (by adding mushrooms to the dish)

    Use up those homegrown tomatoes for homemade tomato soup from Homespun Seasonal Living.

    Preserving Citrus