Canning home-made chicken soup using a pressure cooker

Pressure canning - Layered Chicken Soup

Vegetable beef soup.

Refrigerator pickled peppers...YES! We have SOO many peppers this year and are running out of things to do with them. So glad I found this quick and easy canning recipe!

Chicken Mexican Soup ( for Canning ) from A canning recipe for Chicken Mexican Soup. I came up with this great tasting soup by following safe canning guidelines. I pressure can soup every summer to enjoy through the winter. It is easy and taste great! This recipe makes 7 quarts.

How to can potatoes. I like that she uses chicken broth rather than plain water to enhance their flavor.

My first memories of canning involve lots of tears. It wasn’t anything painful or traumatizing (well, maybe a little), it was the onions. You see, my mom only canned two things; strawberry jam and tomato sauce. It was the sauce that did me in. It wasn’t the sort of cheerful 1950’s sitcom experience you’d like …

Canning Mexican Chicken Soup

Strawberry canning how-to.

I'm pretty sure I could drink this Homemade Taco's that good!

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Layered Chicken Soup

vegetable soup pressure canning recipe

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Homemade Onion Soup Mix. No MSG or artificial flavorings in this recipe. The ultimate staple to have on hand in your kitchen to make quick and easy dips, sauces and even the perfect pot-roast!

DIY Cream of Mushroom Soup Mix * I made this & have been using it for about a month. I will NEVER buy cans of cream-of-anything again after making my own.