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Lessons From: Amy Poehler

{Lessons From} Amy Poehler. Biggest. Girl crush. Ever.

Quote: Amy Poehler / Be easy on yourself. Have fun. Only hang around people that are positive and make you feel good . . . .

"what sets you apart may seem like a burden, but it's not, and most of the time it's what makes you great." emma stone.

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Lessons From: Tina Fey

She tells us to be comfortable in our own skin. | What's Your Favorite Tina Fey Quote?

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Fabulous Amy Poehler quote! #live #dream #do #adventure #nofear #yoga

ahh :) i don't believe in meant to be. i think you work your ass off in any relationship to make it successful. and I hope i have this again someday

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Liz Lemon on men.

"Beefy forearms like a damn Disney prince" is probably my favorite Liz Lemon line of the whole series

SHORT PEOPLE: God only lets things grow until they are perfect... Some of us didn't take as long as others!