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hells ya

This Sriracha print from Drunk Girl Designs is an ode the rooster sauce. Available in various sizes, you can hang this poster wherever you need reminding that Sriracha should be "put it on everything.

Spray sriracha. Very cool.

spray bottle sriracha, hello to my friends in California who grow these special peppers.

Sriracha Hot Sauce Chocolate Bars

ThinkGeek :: Sriracha Chocolate Bars--- They Say it goes on everything. I bet Matthew would like one too :-)

You Are Hotter Than Siracha

You Are Hotter Than Sriracha! This would look great on a greeting card for an occasion like Valentine's Day.

Sriracha obsession

Obsession: Sriracha // A listing of must-have items for the true rooster sauce aficionado.

Sriracha Fridge Pickles Recipe // pretty good, but absolutely necessary to rough chop the chard like a relish. They just don't soak up enough brine otherwise. I added carrot medallions and the carrots were my favorite part. Probably double the sriracha next time. Not very spicy.

Sriracha Fridge Pickles

swiss chard stem sriracha refrigerator pickles, now I just have to figure out what to use the rest of the swiss chard for

25 Ways to Use Sriracha. This stuff is the answer to bland diet food and with only 5 cals, 0 fat, 100 mg sodium, and 1 g sugar it easily fits into most diet plans! Did I mention this stuff is only about $5 a bottle! The newest kitchen staple!

25 Ways to Use Sriracha

25 Ways to Use Sriracha (AKA the "Rooster Sauce" in my house.) Chile-laced Sriracha sauce is a secret ingredient in many kitchens. Here are 25 ways to use it

@Lindsey Tetrick You guys should get this for your house haha

I laugh at all innappropriate times when all types of people fart! It's a problem, but when I am home my family can fart and I can giggles all we want!

type / hand lettering / drawing / calligraphy / red and black / layout

DAILY DISHONESTY: By Lauren Hom. She is doing a whole series of hand lettered posters of little lies that she (and probably you too) tell yourself regularly. The type is so beautifully done and the quotes she comes up with are so witty.

Tart Granny Smith apples are baked with a cinnamon and sugar mixture inside a flaky pastry crust

Apple Dumplings

APPLE DUMPLING:Tart Granny Smith apples are baked with cinnamon and sugar mixture inside flakey pastry crust.

Blast that muffin top fat with these 8 exercises that actually work!  #muffintop #blastfat #weightloss

8 Exercises to Reduce Muffin Top Fat


"I Love Sriracha" by Josh LaFayette. Can I get this as a pint for the kitchen?

Sriracha love!

21 Spicy Ways To Show Your Love For Sriracha

Because, honestly, an IV drip may be the easiest way to feed my insatiable Sriracha addiction.

Buffalo Style Roasted Tofu ... I would not put butter with the Frank's Hot Sauce ... do it straight out of the bottle, yum.

Buffalo Style Roasted Tofu 1 block of extra-firm tofu 1 teaspoon olive oil teaspoon sea salt teaspoon paprika Buffalo Sauce cup Frank’s Red Hot Original Hot Sauce cup Earth Balance Soy-Free Butter