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More of the Worst Tattoos Ever! These Bad Tattoos are some of the ugliest in ink jobs and stupid choices. Funny tattoos The stupidity of the ugliest tattoos

In search of Sasquatch is over.

This guy is wearing ski boots.Polar bear on vacation? Check the rest. Hilariously horrible photography gone way way to far wrong.

All the time

I have tried this same thing.the chocolate was all over the entire kitchen! i do not recommend using HOT chocolate on a balloon! Trust me it will pop!

HaHa!!! Can you relate!

Rock - Paper - Scissors --- A cop just pulled me over and said papers, so I said scissors, I win, and drove off .

Funny shit!!

Usually "keep calm" is something that is said right after "try anal." Even without the odd photo angle cropping out the last letter, the creater of this t-shirt did not really think this through.

Photographs of people being blasted by wind in the face are priceless

Photographs of people being blasted by wind in the face are priceless

A Hilarious Disturbing Video of People Being Blasted in the Face with Wind by Tadao Cern - 017

anything involving the word 'balls' sends me into uncontrollable laughter, like I'm a child.

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Your child is being eaten by a camel. Do you... a) save your child or  b) take a picture.

Priorities First - Take a picture and Save your child from being eaten by camel.Tags: funny images, lol happens, funny troll pics, priorities first, child eaten by camel.