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PIN IT TO WIN IT! MOTHER OF PEARL: This creative simple design surely gives you a new breakthrough in style, with its rich color combination of Mother of Pearl and Tungsten. No matter where you are, its extravagant finish gives you the complete look of a classy individual. $129.99


Silver Six String - Classic Piece Of Work Stainless Steel Rock Star Pendant

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Silver Rocker: This is a classic piece makes a simple but strong statement: "ROCK AND ROLL!" Blow your mind away with those power chords and enjoy life! This pendant is for those who live their lives out loud. $39.99


On The Ball Black - Uniquely Designed Black Ball Stainless Steel Cute Looking Necklace

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Steel Spy: This uniquely designed ball necklace is remarkable with its miniature design. It is simple in looks therfore no matter where you are, with this around your neck, your simple style never fluctuates. Available in 2 widths. $59.00


PIN IT TO WIN IT! Jigsaw Cross: This epic design will simply blow you away. The finish of a saw blade in the center is an innovative design, with an added industrial finish and strong color tone this can even get you hypnotized. This classic style with a modern touch is exactly what you need to make your style complete. $79.00

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Gold Kisser: This masterful craftwork looks like golden tablets linked in silver. This is a bold and exciting design which will surely make you proud. The locks are designed elegantly to complete your style in a simple yet attractive way. $89.00