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anazale: Sasha Khudyakova SashaKhudyakova is an artist,a doll-maker,a member of the MoscowArtistsUnion,vice-chairman of Art doll section of RussianCreativeAssociation of Artists.She makes amazing porcelain art dolls,so delicate and womanly.Her metallic porcelain statuette”The Moon”has been selected as the Artwork of the Day on site of Artexpo NY,and has simultaneously gone out to over27,000Artexpo fans on Facebook and Twitter

gorgeous doll by Forest Rogers This is a friggin' doll. We are so far beyond the Uncanny Valley it's not even funny.

Enchanted dolls by Marina Bychkova

Denise The author of dolls - Alexandra Kukinova "Alexandra" Company was created in 1989 in Moscow . Company "Alexandra" creates exquisite hand made porcelain art collection and souvenir dolls, which are fulfilled with historical reliability, unexcelled mastery and top quality.

Arielle by Enaibi. I've just fallen in love with this doll and can't get enough of Enaibi's doll style ♥