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An amazing collection of FUN Christmas activities for kids including crafts, games, sensory activities, family traditions & more!

Countdown to Easter - 12 Days of Stories & Activities about Jesus

Miniature Christmas Symbols Kit--Great idea for a children's Sunday school lesson. Includes 4 x 6 printable.

"The magic of Christmas is not in the presents, but in His presence."

'Colorful Christmas Decor' -why just stick to Gold, Silver, Red, White, and Green -when there's also pink, yellow, orange...

Goed idee en geen gesleep met een kerstboom! Scheelt ook met die vervelende lampjes. Fijn! En mooi!

Easter activities to help bring the Easter story to life for kids. From Focus on the Family. One of my favorites is the Scavenger Hunt where kids look for items that symbolize the Easter story (a rock for the rock that was rolled away from the tomb, 2 sticks fro the cross, something white for sins forgiven, etc)

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness to do at Christmastime (You really should read the whole story... what an awesome idea!) It's great for teaching your kids what giving is all about!! LOVE THIS!! Levis Advent Calendar is going to have half treats and toys for him and half of these RACK'd ideas! I came up with our own list!

Learning our Colors - Toddler Activity Can be adjusted to match the color of the stick to the color of the packet, for those who can't read yet.

Just cried! I wish their hands would stop growing! I may need to do this every Christmas!