The Sexually Promiscuous Female Bejamin Morse, M.D. A Revealing Report On An Alarming Fact Of America's Sexual Revolution.

The original cover of the classic pulp novel by author Jim Thompson.

Pulp fiction book


Beauty pulp

A lovely history book (even for people who don't usually read history books) about a number of famous historic women, and how traditional history has misrepresented their lives.

The Evolution of Sexy Librarians in Pop Culture <> Pornographic books and librarians have a history together, like this 1970 book by Les Tucker

The vicious jungle of lesbian lures...


sigh fi pulp

Professional Library Literature

Female Convict

Wizard of Oz picture 1902

DEATH DEEP DOWN #pulp #fiction #cover #art #vintage

Strange Sisters - The Art of Lesbian Pulp Fiction


Pulp fiction cover

agricultural pulp

Invasion of the Star Creatures - a screwball Sci-Fi comedy

Too Hot For Hell, cover from pulp fiction novel

The Wife Factory