The Sexually Promiscuous Female Bejamin Morse, M.D. A Revealing Report On An Alarming Fact Of America's Sexual Revolution.

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The Evolution of Sexy Librarians in Pop Culture <> Pornographic books and librarians have a history together, like this 1970 book by Les Tucker

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The original cover of the classic pulp novel by author Jim Thompson.

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Rocky Horror!

'the joys and terrors of marriage' if 'nude croquet' wasn't attention-grabbing enough.... #pulp - Charles Copeland July 1965 - “The Not-So-Pure Girl” detail

The Frightened Stiff - Pulp Covers

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Bad Girls (1958) by Book Covers: Mars Sci-Fi, Vintage Sexy Paperbacks, via Flickr

André Pécoud

National Bulletin, 1968 Source: Pulp International