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    PAINTING TO SHAKE HANDS (painting for cowards): Drill a hole in a canvas and put your hand out from behind. Receive your guests in that position. Shake hands and converse with hands. 1961 autumn

    FOOTSTEPS I: Walk through the museum with a map of the rooms. Rubber stamp the map with where your feet carried you. Send the map of your footsteps to a friend.

    Film No. 6 'SMILE' by Yoko Ono: August 1968 at John Lennon's house: 'Kenwood' in Weybridge, Surrey. Starring John Lennon. Camera: William Wareing. Sound: John Lennon. Light: Garden. Music by John Lennon. Instruction: bring your own instrument. #smilesfilm @smilesfilm @johnlennonofficial @serpentineuk

    Freedom (film) (1972)

    THE ROOM OF YOUR OWN MAKING XI: Build a room with thirty one windows. Throw your tears away in a bottle every day from the window. When you have no more tears, give a smile to the bottle and throw it away.

    Fly (film) (1970)

    FILM NO. 13: FLY by Yoko Ono: Let a fly walk on a woman’s body from toe to head and fly out of the window (From 13 Film Scripts by Yoko Ono London ‘67)

    THE ROOM OF YOUR OWN MAKING X: Open the ceiling, windows and walls. Mirror everything in the room. Let mirrors reflect the sky.

    Editing Film No. 4 (1966)

    Film No. 4 (aka 'Bottoms') (1966)

    ON FILM NO. 4 (in taking the bottoms of 365 saints of our time). I wonder why men can get serious at all. They have this delicate long thing hanging outside their bodies, which goes up and down by its own will. First of all having it outside your body is terribly dangerous. If I were a man I would have a fantastic castration complex to the point that I wouldn't be able to do a thing. Second, the inconsistency of it, like carrying a chance time alarm or something...

    THE ROOM OF YOUR OWN MAKING IX: Take all the anger out of the room. Take all the sorrow out of the room. Take all the shadows out of the room. Open the window. Let everything in the room breathe the ocean wind.

    FOOTSTEPS @SerpentineUK: These footsteps of John and me were made 40 years ago in Everson Museum (1971) I remember how John and I were laughing while we made them. It was fun. I still hear us laughing! yoko

    VERTICAL MEMORY (1997): Attendant. I saw a dark hole in a shape of an arch. I saw my body being slid into it. It looked like the arch I came out of at birth, I thought. I asked where it was going to take me to. The guy stood there looking at me without saying a word, as I lay down. It all seemed very familiar. What percentage of my life did I take it lying down? That was the last question I asked in my mind.

    War Is Over! (If You Want It) - J

    THE ROOM OF YOUR OWN MAKING VIII: Let all things shine without fear. Give a sweet smell of future. Call them by the memory of your love of the Universe.

    Ceiling Painting (1966) Somebody kind gentle and full of sense of humor came into my life then... Thank you, John for coming into my life. It was tremendous! yoko.

    VERTICAL MEMORY (1997): Artist IV

    VERTICAL MEMORY (1997): Artist III

    VERTICAL MEMORY (1997): Artist II.