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VERTICAL MEMORY (1997): Attendant. I saw a dark hole in a shape of an arch. I saw my body being slid into it. It looked like the arch I came out of at birth, I thought. I asked where it was going to take me to. The guy stood there looking at me without saying a word, as I lay down. It all seemed very familiar. What percentage of my life did I take it lying down? That was the last question I asked in my mind.

THE ROOM OF YOUR OWN MAKING VIII: Let all things shine without fear. Give a sweet smell of future. Call them by the memory of your love of the Universe.

CEILING PAINTING (1966) Everyone finds me very optimistic. They often say to me that I am a bit too optimistic. But I am not uttering YES only purposelessly. When we save ourselves from something, eventually the only way will be to think of YES. When we have to save ourselves together, we will not be able to help thinking of everything as affirmative. I think that's how everything goes. To think of YES is not to utter YES just purposelessly, but to make an effort positively to the limit…

Cut Piece (2003). Sept 15, 2003 at Theatre Ranelagh, Paris, France. This time I did it with love for you, for me, and for the world. My body is the scar of my mind. I'll see you. yoko

PAINTING TO BE STEPPED ON: Leave a piece of canvas or finished painting on the floor or in the street. 1960 winter. The instructions gave me the freedom to do all sorts of things that you can’t do in the material world. For instance, to mix three paintings in your head: you can’t do that successfully in reality. With instructions, you can make a painting of four dimensions, five dimensions, even six dimensions. The point is, you can fly in your head.

Coby Koehi, you are fantastic! Thank you for letting me hear it. I love you! yoko - 'Death of Samantha' by Yoko Ono, performed by Ken Kincaid on piano & Coby Koehl, vocals.

" edition Yoko Ono art book called Fly Me, which unfolds to become a kite. The handbound book features seven pages of individual messages composed by Ono..."

'Spinning On Air' host/producer David Garland invited Sean Ono Lennon to create a playlist of his mother, Yoko Ono’s music, and present it with her on Mother’s Day. In the course of the program, Yoko and Sean tell many interesting stories, speaking intimately about the music, and reminiscing about the events that inspired the compositions.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Dear Friends, I would like to give an accolade to our mothers who passed away, without being acknowledged of the beautiful thing they did... Read more at

A BOX OF SMILE Y.O. '71 Look in the box and tell yourself, it’s not so bad. You’re still alive. yoko