Bawhaha too funny..Kissy Face Hand Painted Custom Pacifier by piquantdesigns on Etsy, $13.50

BLINKY'S lip decal rhinestone pacifier with by BorntoBlingBoutique, $35.00

I’m going to do this. One day, when my child is all gown-up, they’re going to be looking through old photo albums and they’ll find one that’s just filled with pictures of them being forced to make silly faces while they were sleeping. And I will have no regrets.

Kissy Face- Hand Painted on Clear Avent Pacifier- $13.50

Let this be your extra hand for bottle feeding during car trips. So cute and convenient! Reborn Magnetic Pacifier Nuk Zebra Kit Plus Zebra Pink Faux Prop 5 oz Baby Doll Bottle With Formula

Now I have to see if I can bling out a pacifier, thank you pinterest for this new life goal!

too cute - I am Soooo getting this for baby girl Barron! lol! or something similar! ;) @Tara Barron

How adorable is this stylish gold-accented pacifier? Plus this looks like a baby Meghann! So adorable in every aspect!


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Smart idea to keep pacifiers clean in a purse or diaper bag.

Pink Diamond Glitz Gem - Baby Girl Binky Baby Pacifier

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My future daughter will have Class

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Blooming Bath - Plush Baby Bath 39.99