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    love playing the piano and piano music

    • Savannah Posgai

      Piano- keys on which I can play for you who I am better than I could ever explain with words :)

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      Image detail for -Musical Instrument Keyboard Keys [CB0629288] > Stock Photos | Royalty ...

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      o play a musical instrument', many people would reply "I wish I could play the piano."

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      Heidi’s Piano Studio: Piano Game Resource List by Concept & Level

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      pictures of music | Musical Instrument Keyboard Keys

    • Laura Stewart

      13 tips for piano teaching

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      Took piano lessons.

    • Reasonable Robinson

      When asked 'if you could choose to play a musical instrument', many people would reply "I wish I could play the piano." A very common question is 'how to play the piano'? Imagine the pleasure you would get from playing the piano and seeing the happiness it creates for others. Learning to play the piano might seem daunting at first, yet with a bit of inspiration from great players and great teachers a bit of effort and practice everyone can play something enjoyable. Playing your first piano piece, just imagine how that would feel, I'm sure you can see the smiling faces of your listeners and hear their applause as you read on. I began learning to play the piano when I was 4 years old. My mother was a music teacher and she gave lessons from the family home before becoming a full time music teacher. Because getting the basics right can be a bit of a chore for young kids (scales and arpeggios) Mum used to place 6 M&Ms on one end of the keyboard (the bass end) and each time I did an exercise (say the scale of E major) one of them was placed at the other end of the keyboard. Once 6 repetitions had been complete then I got the the 6 M&Ms! How I never ended up as the toothless pianist I'll never know!. I always remember mum saying some interesting things about playing the piano. The first was that whilst the player might very conscious of mistakes such as missed fingering, the odd wrong note, bad phrasing etc, It is surprising that general listeners tend not to notice. So if you are playing in public just get on and play and don't make a thing about the mistakes you know about. This of course doesn't apply to examiners and knowledgeable listeners who are very exact and precise. The other thing she used to say was that often in a social setting people sit and 'listen' to a piano player whereas they will join in and sing along with a guitarist. That is of course until they have imbibed enough Dutch courage to give it a go! I think the point she was making was that playing the piano is regarded as a performance rather than a shin-dig. One thing that used to drive her up the wall was 'Chopsticks'.The old 'this is what I can play even though I can't play anything else' Surprising really because she wasn't a music snob, although Fur Elise was another tune she had in her sights when gunning for average piano players! A big question too is whether playing the piano is a natural talent or simply down to hard work and practice. You'll find links here that explore this issue. At the end of the day we cannot ignore the fact that some players are better than others. So we have to consider the art and technicality of playing too. Getting a grip on what musicality actually is and how we know it when we've got it is another matter entirely.

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    Playing my piano


    I love to play, especially worship music to the glory of God!

    Favorite inspiration for a long time of my life


    Our clients often play percussion alongside the music therapist on the piano.

    "Happiness is...playing my piano"

    playing the piano

    'Lady Ella' Fitzgerald

    John Lennon

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