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So true! I don't regret my 20's! next year is a start to a whole new chapter in my life..the 30's! =)

The fact is.... she will be the girl everyone wants when they are ready to find the love of their life.... self respect and dignity never gets old :)

correction... I will DEFINITLEY fall in love with for all these things cause this is perfect

Alan Cohen - I pray I remember this for people in my life that are no longer in my life.

so true i never thought i would be with johnathan but he is the most amazing person ive ever known...we go through ups and downs but he's been there through it all...i love him

Balls in your court.... I am always here. Always truthful. Always willing to give it my all. I just need to know iam not the only one.

Let's walk in the rain together. (text,cute,love,phone,iphone,cell phone,pain,happiness,adorable,truth,life quotes,love quotes)

definitely looking forward to tomorrow not going to prom with my best friends