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  • Yasmine Medhat

    Favorite ever! God bless this place #makkah #love

  • Dee

    Kaaba at Mecca, Definition of faith and endless beauty

  • Glo

    78)"Who created me, and it is He Who guides me (79) "Who gives me food and drink, (80) "And when I am ill, it is He Who cures me (81) "Who will cause me to die, and then to life again (82) "And who, I hope, will forgive me my faults on the day of Judgment

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Masjid al-Haram. Makkah, Saudi Arabia. بشر المشائين في الظلم إلى المساجد بالنور التام يوم القيامة

Mecca é a cidade natal do profeta Maomé. Para os muçulmanos ela é a cidade mais sagrada do planeta. Segundo o Alcorão,,o devoto deve cumprir os cinco pilares: o testemunho da fé (shahada); orar cinco vezes ao dia em direção à Meca (salat); jejuar no ramadã, um mês por ano; praticar a caridade; e peregrinar até a Meca, mesmo que através de procuração escrita, caso não tenha recursos.

Of Mecca in the sun shining spirituality take this snapshot of the house of Rahman

Makkah... the majestic Grand Mosque against beautiful skyline

I long to visit this place again. Let me come back there.

Makkah, Saudi Arabia - the ultimate destination. It feels wonderful to be with millions in the Masjid Al Haram (Grand Mosque) in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is always an incredible experience of healing and humbling oneself. Millions supplicate & pray to Allah at once. May Allah accept all our prayers & Du'as and may He bring us closer to Him, Ameen.

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"Got Places To Go and People To See" (Makkah!)

Makkah, Saudi Arabia