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  • Valerie Guy

    Easy yarn holder! that is a really good idea i love it

  • Diana Pincombe

    Easy yarn holder! Free-standing toilet roll holder... GREAT IDEA!!

  • Sheila Babor

    Save your empty toilet paper rolls and make easy yarn holders!

  • Kimberly McCall

    DIY idea: genius idea! >> If I had a designated crochet area, I would so do this. It would be awesome for afghans!

  • Erika Grimm

    Easy yarn holder! Such a good idea!...can I make it any easier for the dog (cat could care less) to get my yarn and string it everywhere? awesome idea.

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I am thinking right now how to make it. And I finally did 2/23/13. I used a baby blue fabric with a white thread zig-zag down the middle, it's feminine and pretty.

Clear Wristlet for Knitting and Crochet to BUY, buy essentially i adore this idea. needed to pin incase i ever am THAT creative!!!!!! hmmm lol xox

Crea tu corona de Navidad con rollos de papel. ¡Muy divertido! [Contacto]: > nestorcarrarasrl.... Néstor P. Carrara S.R.L “Desde 1980 satisfaciendo a nuestros clientes”

Put Me Down toilet decal by TheSweetPinkBowtique on Etsy, $3.99... Buying!! I hate that I have to remind constantly. This should do it!

Storing/Keeping Yarn Clean; I keep forgetting about this tip. Glad for the reminder.

Use Magazine Holders to Organize Yarn : tip magazine holders on their backs so yarn is easy to see and access.

Center-pull balls of yarn are convenient to use and to store, and are perfectly easy to make! Rest assured: if you can wind yarn into a regular wrapped ball, you have all the skills it takes to mak...

Ok, so these are on sale on Etsy for anywhere from $15-$45. Ridiculous! But super duper easy to make. I made my own from scrap fabric costing me ... $0!!!!! It is great to have and I love it (so a 5 for that) but it also got a 5 because of the price!

Wes would love this! Toilet paper holder with yarn for knit or crochet projects. A just because gift idea :)

My great grandmother used to keep her yarn this way. Brings back such good memories.

Wrap embroidery thread around clothespins for storage. I did this with my stash (for some reason I had a hot mess of tangled thread). ♥.