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Does anyone know who this photographer is? Oh yes:) It´s Diane Arbus and it´s her daughter Amy on the photo. (Björn Abelin)

I really like this image. I like how the face is distorted through the glass and i feel like i can use this in my own photography and develop it further by putting drops of food colouring in water and putting that in front of someone's face.

Touching Strangers by Richard Renaldi - lovely photo series encouraging people to break away from who they are and pose with complete strangers with their bodies touching in some way.

Diane Arbus: Finding Beauty in the Odd www.ucreative.com1114 × 1092Buscar por imágenes Diane Arbus was mainly influenced by German photographer August Sander, and captured what most people would call outcasts, misfits and freaks.

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