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VOICE - use your best "Polar Bear Mama" voice and write what you might say to your bear cub if you were her mom.....this got my creative juices flowing! Compile a bunch of these photos and use as writing prompts..could get pretty interesting! TELL THIS STORY


You Can See They Love Each Other

Miks' Pics "Animals V" board @

Looks like she is dancing a jig. I did not realize horses ran with all four legs off the ground at some point. Beautiful horse. Other than Draft Horse, is there a better name for this breed? @Jessica Gillenwater Vandine omfg lollll



Dogs accept everyone…


The Pioneer Womanfrom The Pioneer Woman

Taking Puppy Pictures

Taking Pics of Pets

Índia amamenta filhote de porco do mato (Prêmio Internacional Rei da Espanha) Foto flagrou índia da tribo Guajás, no Maranhão, amamentando filhote criado na aldeia. (Foto: Pisco Del Gaiso/Folhapress)

Clear Dog Umbrella 14.99 Keep any playful pal happy during a rainy walk with this umbrella. It boasts a clear construction to keep furry friends in view and a built-in chain leash to keep them under control.

Decorated Indian Elephant at Hindu Festival in India - as a sign of respect for God. Hindus believe God pervades in everything as everything was created by God, hence animals are held sacred in India and are most respected with Hindu art, decorations and paintings. #Hinduism #India