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    I’m going to change your life today. (Well, your stove top at least.) Don’t you judge me! I cook. A lot. These were my stove burner/grates. Yep. They were so bad that I am almost embarrassed to put a watermark on this photo. You cook… oil and grease spatter… they get heated and reheated and …
    July 7, 2011

    Cleaning stove burners.

    • Amy Smith

      Cleaning stove burners & grates using ammonia fumes. Pinner says: (I know, I know. Fumes, bad! But our house's previous owner left a bottle of ammonia in the garage, so I decided to try this method, and WOW. My stove grates look freaking amazing, and all I had to do was leave them in a sealed garbage bag overnight with a little cup of ammonia. Didn't even have to scrub.)

    • Donna Heacock

      Cleaning Stove Burners - put a little ammonia in a ziplock bag with the stove grate and 12 hours later...clean

    • Andrea Underwood

      Clean stove burners by slipping them inside a ziploc bag with 1/4 cup ammonia, leave outside overnight and voila... Clean burners without scrubbing!!

    • Phedre de Montreve

      Clean stove burners, remove showerhead buildup, and other household tips and tricks

    • Marcia Harden

      Clean Stove Burners w/Ammonia fumes. CAN'T WAIT to see clean burner grates!

    • Dianne Blank

      Clean stove burners w ammonia! I needed this cleaning tip last week...

    • Merla Sauwen

      Cleaning Stove Burners and Grates and many other cleaning ideas.

    • Heidi Collins

      Stove Grate Grime | 11 Life-Changing Cleaning Tricks

    • Megan

      Really great house cleaning tips and ticks

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    grease, stove, burners, clean, ammonia, no-scrub, best way

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