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    Adding to my "to do" list...

    Unusual Date Ideas. This sounds like a list the voice in my brain would tell me. I must meet the author and become her BFF.

    PICNIC PANTS????? What in the world

    Why am I laughing so hard!!!

    Nothing has ever been so true


    what genuine fear looks like… HAHAHAH DYING

    Cute babies!


    *Sits and cries in Australia while watching Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock*

    i just laughed so hard!!!!!

    now THAT's something even I haven't done LOL


    ha ha ha

    seriously though

    Bahah basically how it goes.

    So true! It always does!

    Thanks WebMD... Isabel Strasser Strasser Strasser Strasser Strasser Wright

    haahaha i laughed sooo hard!

    Gotta try this someday…

    ALL my dogs are like this! LOL