Fábera Miloslav, O skrytém mudrci. Rudolf Kmoch, Praha, 1944. Cover,ill. and orig.sign.heliogravure Z.Seydl priority copy no..542, 1.edition 40 pp., the binding in Japanese style 8°

book cover

book cover

vintage book cover: 1964, by Per Åhlin

Polish book cover, 1938, Franek Naszerokim

Giovanni Pintori book cover for Olivetti, 1958

Printed matter - Book Cover - Lumen 1897

Kundera, Milan. Žert. Cs. spisovatel Praha 1969 Cover by Zdenek Seydl.

japanese book cover


vintage book cover: 1978, cover by Johan Ogden

book cover

the book cover

A Book of Ducks by quimby, via Flickr

book cover

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Zdenek Seydl, 1949

Love this cover!

edward gorey book cover

Paul Rand cover