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hahaha super white girl problems. this used to be me all the time lol, now I literally shave everyday band hate pants lol

white girl problems

or he's had a girlfriend the whole time. this is my situation right now

stupid camera, I swear there is something wrong with the lens! ;) my mirror is way better. Not just white girl probs.

story of my life , Also Hey my shipment arrived. The Prada stuff is incredible Top quality yet wasnt expensive! They ship really fast. Use this coupon code:Pinterest when buying and save a bundle.

Omg, so true. I have so many clothes that I don't wear. haha

when you start reading a book, but have to read the same sentence over and over again because your thoughts are so distracting

Joys of shopping :D this is the only super white girl problems that applies to me.

This is not a white girl problem, this is a "there are waay too many weirdos out there" problem !!!!!!