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Boxer Dogs Ten Things You May Not Know About Them

puppy :) Boxer Dogs Ten Things You May Not Know About Them -- Fleming Kidder McKeithan

im sooooo happpppyyyyyyyyy

I think my dog is happy I took him to the park...

Only a face a doggie mommy could love! I think I've seen it on my dog's face before, must be a boxer thing. Love it.

Whatever happens, don’t say Awww (31 Photos)

Sick of this shit. | 23 Dogs Who Just Need AVacation

Sick of this shit.

Boxer and kitten. Mommy what is this thing and what an I supposed to do with it? ✨I love that the kitten is sticking his tongue out.

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I decided to put this pic in my main gallery again as I've had quite a few faves on this one. Another pic of my lovely boxer dog! My Boxer Dog 2 RIP