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  • Kala Sam Sinicki

    This 8 month old baby was born deaf, watch the moment as his cochlear implant is activated and he hears sound for the first time, and his mother’s voice. ...just beautiful... I hope it's like this when my baby hears me again

  • Jackie .

    8 month old deaf baby hears his mother's voice for the first time with the aid of a cochlear implant

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Related Pins i think this is the cutest photo i have seen. ever. period.

Newborn and cowboy dad...I think my heart just melted! Why didn't we do this!!!

What a pleasure and pure joy it was to watch this video of a boy hearing for the first time. His reaction is priceless!!!

Pinterest had this baby announcement... if this isnt a sign from God then I'll stop believing because I have been BEGGING Corey to agree to name our son Sawyer!!! HOW RIDICULOUS?!?!?!!?!

Baby Heart Hands, I've seen several shots of this with different people taking credit, love it though . . .

Those who know me, know I love anything cupcake! Even my nursery is cupcake themed! This is adorable!

these baby ruffle rompers are kind of ridiculous... but ridiculously adorable! great for photo sessions.

I can't handle this photograph - it hurts my eyes from the beauty ♥

Miss being this happy about something like a watermelon! Who an I kidding I still put the orange peel in my mouth and smile.