family tree without pictures. Frame and hang on wall.

Family tree Wall Art Love this home decor idea that highlight history, family, and our ancestors! Would be neat to add newspaper clippings and meaningful items and information to the display. Definite conversation piece on the wall! Frame display Genealogy Black and white picture arrangement

Geneology Chart

Couple's Geneology Tree. I'm looking for good ideas for displaying geneology in my home, and this is one of my favorites. I think I can adapt it, too, and make it to suit the spot I want to place it in...I'm not sure whether I'll use pictures or not.

great way to display geneology

My Tree and Me — Slice of Life: Custom Art Infographics Geneology Tree - Put your family on your wall. Several designs available.

TONS of Family Tree Ideas on the site.

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Vibrant Button Tree on Canvas

Printable Research Checklist Free from Midwest Genealogy Center, Independence, MO. For other forms check their site. . .

lots of Family Record Lithograph Printables-Geneology

Must make one of these. Thanks for the inspiration . . . Crafty Sisters: My Family Tree Shadow Box this idea.....

Tree and Label Templates Display your lineage with an elegant, detailed family tree made using our tree and label templates. Introduction With its warm gray tone and beautiful details, this drawing by New York artist Melinda Beck has a sophisticated charm and a pleasing symmetry that's perfect for an elegant family tree. #FamilyTree #LDSFamilySearch

Maternal Ancestor Chart...great family tree layout

.mosaic moments

family tree page

Free download print a visual chart of your ancestry. #remember

Family tree charts. 2 do-it-yourself blank posters to hand write personal family history. Gift, genealogy record, home decor.

Family tree ideas

Hall Family Trail...great use of genealogical info. Love the map showing family migration across the country.