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Pip-Boy 3000 DIY iPhone Case

Guard your phone from the dangers of the wasteland like any Fallout fan would using this Pip-Boy 3000 DIY iPhone case. You'll be able assemble your very own Pip-Boy 3000 that lets you carry around your phone conveniently on your wrist.

He was once Robin, the Boy Wonder. But now Dick's all grown up and badass. Guardian of Bludhaven and Batman's future successor, he is... Nightwing. Put Nightwing's symbol on your phone case, or make it a super gift! DC Justice League Nightwing Phone Case for by SnarkySharkStudios

Casetop Turns Any Smartphone Into A Speedy Laptop

The Casetop smartphone accessory, when completely finalized, will enable you to work on your smartphone just as efficiently as you would on a mobile laptop.

Flexible Battery Breakthrough In Quest For A Bendable Phone

South Korean researchers have unveiled a way to create flexible battery. The breakthrough is the latest step forwards on the quest to create a bendable phone, which everyone seems to want for no specific reason. | leapmind