Person holding an adorable hedgehog

When you think of having those pet with quills, you may ask first, “What do hedgehogs eat?” You have to ensure that you will be providing them with the proper food and diet for them to stay healthy and active.


I simply refuse to believe that anybody does not find this adorable. I will have my hedgehog named Bruce Willis someday!

baby hedgehog and friend?

Funny pictures about Hedgehog's best friend. Oh, and cool pics about Hedgehog's best friend. Also, Hedgehog's best friend.

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I would love love love someone FOREVER if they gotted me an adorable baby hedgehog!


8 adorable videos of baby animals taking bathsRub-a-dub-dub. Watch tiny sloths, kittens and hedgehogs in the tub.

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Which one is a hedgehog? Hedgehog as pets. What is a hedgehog? This is a complete hedgehog description.