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I learned something. Pinner wrote: Bonsai, meaning “to plant in a tray,” is a tradition that originated in China about 2,000 years ago and later traveled to Japan. To cultivate a bonsai, a horticulture artist starts with cutting, seedling or small specimen of a woody-stemmed tree or shrub and then trains the plant to grow in a certain way, by pruning leaves and wiring branches into a desired shape. The goal is to create a miniature tree that looks natural..."

Needle Juniper from S-Cube Uchiku-Tei Bonsai Garden, Hanyu, Japan. Jonathan M. Singer/Abbeville Press

This 40-year-old Sargent juniper from the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection in Washington, D.C., resembles a mature forest. However, the plant measures only 35 inches tall. Courtesy of Jonathan Singer.

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Juniperus chinensis Chinese Juniper outdoor bonsai tree seeds

Bonsai 盆栽

The Japanese horticultural art of bonsai. The desired result is the appearance of natural irregularity; the discipline required needs to be highly regimented.