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    Such a cute idea! monster spray. use before bedtime as needed & scent it lavender.

    • Kaitlyn Sterl

      Monster spray. Jax is just now getting into the Monster in the closet thing. I LOVE this idea! I will be doing this sometime in the near future.

    • Beth Weber

      monster spray. use before bedtime as needed Maybe scent it lavender? (My kiddos are past the point of needing this, but what a great idea!!)

    • Brianna Villarreal

      (Monster spray. Use before bedtime as needed.) to keep in mind when my son will start having nightmares...Great idea!!

    • Rikkelle Schulte

      Monster spray. Use before bedtime as needed to fight the things that go bump in the night! ; ) -- such a cute idea! Totally doing this for my son!

    • Shawna Byrnes

      Monster spray: use before bedtime as needed. Cute idea for those kiddos who are afraid of monsters! :)

    • Kim Shiels

      monster spray use before bedtime as needed haha we use " bath and body works lavender bedtime pillow mist" and my sons fav scent of hand sanitizer at the time... Such a cute idea!

    • Tracy Eanes

      Such a cute idea! Monster Spray. Use before bedtime as needed & scent it lavender. My son has night terrors so I'm definitely trying this.

    • Kalyn Bradford

      Monster spray. Use before bedtime as needed. Adorable idea for kids! :)

    • Lauren Crum

      Monster spray for kids' room before bed time

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