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Brown Sugar Pound Cake with Brown Sugar Icing -- This one is pretty close. Grandma, of course, used some shortening in place of some of the butter. This one was actually a newspaper clipping, but Grandma made some wonderful icing so I want to try this.


Grandma Mac's Perfect Southern Pound Cake

Grandma Mac's Perfect Southern Pound Cake - My grandma was known for her pound cakes. If there was an occasion, she made a pound cake for it. If we were coming for dinner to her house, she made a pound cake. If she came to your house for dinner, she brought a pound cake. And they always came on a pretty plate that she did not ever expect you to return. In fact, if you did happen to return it, she might be likely to bake you another cake!

from Plain Chicken

Cold Oven Brown Sugar Pound Cake

Cold Oven Brown Sugar Pound Cake Recipe - amazing pound cake packed full of brown sugar and pecans! This cake is placed in a cold oven and baked while it preheats. No waiting on the oven to preheat! Tastes SO good!

from How Sweet It Is

Banana Bread Pancake Recipe

Omg heaven. Brown Sugar Banana Bread Pancakes. no bananas in there for me but i'd like to substitute something else in place.


Grandma Millie’s Famous Oatmeal Cookies

My Grandma Millie's Famous Oatmeal Cookies! If there was one recipe that I came close to never sharing with anyone, this would be it... but then I thought, what better way for my grandmother's memory to live on than with her famous cookie recipe? I can't remember a single Christmas without her making all of her loved ones these delicious cookies, and I've never tasted another like them. They're so easy too, it's sometimes hard to grasp that something this simple can taste so darn good!