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  • Debi

    Pallet Planter | Vertical Flower Pot Garden

  • Amanda Fox

    Beautiful herb garden idea. A different take on the pallet garden concept.

  • Carol van Niekerk

    Pallet Planter plants diy gardening diy ideas diy crafts do it yourself diy projects diy garden ideas creative diy projects pallet planter

  • Jennifer Fiala

    DIY PALLET PLANTER What you’ll need: old pallet hose clamps(I found these at Lowes. I purchased the terra-cotta pots first, and then took them to the plumbing section to make sure I purchased the clamps that fit) screws terra-cotta pots

  • Tiara-Lynn Adams

    Kate:mini herb garden by your deck or garage? We especially loved the leaning pallet planter that she DIYed with hose clamps from the home improvement store. Some pallets have chemicals in them while others are more naturally sealed (with heat) so they’re less questionable for outdoor crafts like this. And if you’re unsure, you can always use a product like SafeCoat to seal off a pallet (it’s what the pros also use to seal off lead paint).

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  • Jen Pettitt

    Gorgeous and a great idea for people living in apartments or have limited space

a hanging pallet garden lots of ideas for decorating w/old windows... (an old window hung from tree in the backyard makes for an interesting piece and gives character to the garden)

Euroalus kiik

RopedOnCedar specializes in large planters for your raised bed vegetable garden or plant pots for herb, tomato, flower, and strawberry gardening

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How wonderful do these hanging planters planters look? Hung on different coloured strings to make a living wall of tiny plants it has the effect of bringing nature indoors - albeit in a small way.

  • Robbie Patterson

    This would also work to organize pens, pencils, etc. Or you could put crafting tools like paint brushes in similar containers. I think makeup brushes, eyeliner pencils, lip pencils and similar items could be stored like this.

  • Cherese LeBlanc

    so vibrant and creative!

Repurpose old pallets, buckets, and paint cans to create this beautiful vertical garden


  • Rishia O'Neill

    bamboo? of course! Whenever you can, using bamboo an excellent choice, and great suggestion regardless if you do hunt down in archives the DIY info for this idea. It is there somewhere. I always need to verify the pin links to the site, that the site is not SPAM, and that does not link you to a strictly commercial site, that is leading you to believe it is a diy info for pin. This site is called'dumpaday...leads me to believe a bunch of bloggers do just that. Dump an idea with a pic, with or without link to diy tutorial. This pin could have been dumped on that site 2 years ago, or longer! So not many will search through their archives to try and find it. Your brilliant thought to use bamboo is a better choice than what is shown, in my opinion. It is a renewable resource with unlimited uses, and has been for thousands of years as I am sure you know :) I can't find ANY bamboo for such use anywhere within 60 miles, the area I have searched within locally. So, I hope and pray to be able to grow it myself. The dreaded black variety that is ferocious and highly invasive, grows wide and tall quickly in one season after planting. It becomes a runaway train wherever you plant it. I would never advise someone to do this unless they intended, as I do, to harvest it annually. It will still VERY large hillside it can take over, no trees on it, and now where near regular gardens. Part of a 'distant landscape. I will make my own path tramping to and from it. Now, where you are located, dp you have access to commercially available bamboo? Of course I have seen cut pieces in deco stores, and craft stores for use as decoration i the home. So expensive, knowing how little it actually does cost..someone is making far too much money selling it! There are so many things I want to do with bamboo, I have no choice buy grow it myself, ordering plants from online. The non-invasive types I will grow as well...and far away from the black species I will allow to takeover a good sized hillside. It will be a beautiful sight to see I think, swaying in the wind...and to work within...I used to love to walk through my grandfather's corn fields, the rustling sound of the green leaves, then later in the season when they dried up ready for harvest, a whole different wonderland of sounds. I expect to enjoy my bamboo in a similar manner. Twill be an odd site for around here where I am, in the Mountains of SW Virginia. I am not from here, so I know this will cause a lot of talk eventually. Which is good, as I hope to sell the non invasive varieties to individuals that find me, and landscapers I shall find. Thank You Mary for asking this question..I appreciate all comments. AND I got to share my plans regarding bamboo...marvelous plant for certain! I hope you can find some and use it in your garden in some manner.Good luck with gardening! Thanks as well to choose to follow this board.

  • Rishia O'Neill

    Hey Susan, than YOU for sharing! I want people to earn as much as possible, about whatever is of interest to them. Just one comment gives us the chance to do so. This IS a social network. Thank goodness it's not a chat deal as we would simply not be Pinterest if it was! Yet we can, and hope people will on my little boards, ask questions, make suggestions, whatever is informative in the end is goo for the site. I find it to be a big compliment that so many like this board. Hopefully everyone will check in on the compost board and all organic gardening boards. So much useful information! I can never learn enough about an interest I have ....that is why I started here at Pinterest...looking for information on a variety of subjects, and creating 'files' via the board system Piinterest has. I never thought for one pico second that Anyone would choose to follow me...and still do not know how people do find my little boards, when there are such huge mega community boards! Now I feel I have an obligation to those that do follow these boards, and try my best to pin what I believe are 'realistic' expectations for each subject. Too fancy, cost too much to do, well that is not of interest to me. Not practical, waste of resources? Again hopefully not to be seen on these boards. Happy gardening Susan!

  • Helen Brown

    This is so pretty.....I can just picture it with pretty trailing flowers & vines, or maybe herbs, or maybe.......well, I can just picture it so many, many ways!!!

  • Mary Choo

    Helen, me too. I can picture the trailing plants put outside the bedroom windows, what a beautiful sight the first thing you open your eyes.

  • Rishia O'Neill

    it is a dream maker!

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Maybe too many bugs... -- D.I.Y. wall of succulent plants using an upcycled wooden pallet I am SO doing this! I have pallets left over from doing a stone patio too!