Modern Rocking Bed... amahzing.

Awesome Home Library Design ♥

Stained concrete. Looks like water. Garage. BEAUTIFUL!!

The cradle chair for fetal position sleepers - this just might convert me to napping! #Chairs

Hi-Tech Furniture With Built-In TV And Computer


suspended bed.

Murphey bed

Mood Rocking Bed Remember that feeling of being rocked and it being so soothing that you could just drop off to sleep in minutes? Well this bed doubles as a rocking chair and a bed. I'm still undecided if i'd put this in the back garden and use it for a day bed, or in the bedroom. Beautiful craftsmanship either way. (Check out Etsy Shop: ShinerInternational)


cool bed

canopy hammock bed

Perfect place for a book & a summer nap in the breeze

Rocking Bed

DIY hanging bedroom beds

Perfect for a basement and all those sleep overs and house guests during holidays... by far the coolest basement idea ive ever seen!

.I like this bed!!


This is Awesome!

holy crap, i want this