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Mom, not one day goes by that I don't need to talk to you. You were my very best friend and their is some things that only moms know to say. To say I miss you is an understatement. You were my rock! Until we meet again, a day won't pass that your not in my thoughts! I love and miss you!! <3 your baby

"A man once told Buddha, 'I want happiness.' Buddha replied, 'First remove 'I', that's ego. Then remove 'want', that's desire. And now all you're left with it happiness." #Buddha #quote

babetip #121: Behind every beautiful woman, there is a dumb ass guy who did her wrong and made her strong.

If you can't get someone out of your head... then maybe they are meant to be there. - Unknown (U are in my head and my heart)

Nora und Sam in Asienfrom Nora und Sam in Asien

Die Ruhe des Himalaya’s

part-time people like her - she's either with him or she's not: NO MORE leaving people on the shelf/back burner!! . . .so, what happens if this "cute co-worker" never did dump her?! - this "soul-mate" she falsely claims was not a soul-mate? - that's not how "soul-mates" work, bitch!!

Hard to breathe without you with me anymore. I lost Gumpa a month ago.. So many thing to share with you and tell you. I just have to tell the dog now..

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