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  • Amber Smedstad

    Red Dye Free!: Foods without Red Dye 40

  • Jennifer Wade

    Colors in your kids food can trigger behavior problems. This blog is to advocate for children who seem to have behavior problems, but are really reacting to the artificial dyes found in foods and medicines. It is to help others to be more aware of how food affects your mood. Children and adults can suddenly become irritable, have headaches, and even become angry or aggressive after ingesting synthetic artificial dyes. I recommend avoiding all artificial colors.

  • Carrie Dickerson

    Red Dye Free: Frozen Treats without Red Dye 40

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Red Dye Free: Foods without Red Dye 40 add ADHD scary, looking into changing my boys diets ://

Foods Containing Red Dye 40

EVERY MOMMY NEEDS TO READ THIS!! What Red dye#40 and other dyes in your food can do to people, especially children. Causing behavior problems, adhd symptoms, headache, upset stomache, night terrors ect!!! So glad I found out about this!

Red Dye Free!: Foods without Red Dye 40

RED DYE #40 - this is awesome!!

This isn't a great picture, but it links to a website that lists foods containing FD Red Dye #40, which is becoming a common food allergy

Paleo Guide. Really thinking about doing a 30 day challenge!

amen. we live in a world where we are told it's wrong to eat when we are hungry and feel guilty when we do. Eating the right food fuels our bodies. We need to revolutionize the way we think about food.

Why our family eats organic....chemicals are teratogens and carcinogens....teratogens cause gene mutation and carcinogens cause cancer...EAT foods the way GOD made them.