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50 Clean Eating Recipes for Kids

Clean Eating Recipes for Kids

Red Dye 40 possibly linked to ADHD. I can tell you from my own personal experience that when I cut out red 40 dye from his diet that he no longer had issues in school or random meltdowns at home. When he does have it because one of us forgot there is a very quick reaction that leaves no doubt in my mind the culprit -K

Popsicles with vegetables-- For kids who won't eat veggies. . . (or me) the website offers a number of fruit juice with pureed vegetable suggestions!

The ADHD Diet Plan from Our Family Eats. A simple, mom-proven method to improve your child's behavior.

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Kid Approved Dye-Free Snacks

When we cut out food dyes, I wasn't sure what the heck I was going to feed the kids. Especially for snack time. My boys are big snackers (as am I!), so it was kind of an important thing to figure...

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Ditch the Food Dye: Snack Edition

Ditch the dyes in your snack foods. If you must eat them, at least choose the better one!

5 Ingredients That Should Have Never Been Approved By The FDA – Are You Eating Them?

100% plant based food colors with No Synthetic Dyes, No Artificial Colors, No Corn Syrup, and Gluten Free

Toddler food - mini meatloaf with veggies. I will add popsicle sticks - voila, lollipops! Gotta think of a catchy name for them. Maybe Dora Pops.

Healthy Macaroni Salad. So easy and a great side dish or food for a party. A lot less guilt than the typical BBQ food!!! YUM!

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45 Real Food Snacks for Kids

45 real food snacks for kids...all healthy and easy!!

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15 Healthy Dinners Under 350 Calories

Trying to lose weight but sick of eating boring, bland foods? Here are some healthy dinner dishes under 350 calories you MUST try!