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Ice-proof your windows...with vinegar! Frost on its way? Just fill a spray bottle with three parts vinegar to one part water & spritz it on all your windows at night. In the morning, they'll be clear of icy mess!

Ice melt for car windows-use before an ice event. Also spray silicone spray on the rubber gaskets around the car door frames to keep the doors from freezing shut.

Do-It-Yourself Car Detailing - All the tips and tricks to that new car smell. One day I will be glad I pinned this!

from Lifehacker

30 Essential Things You Should Keep in Your Car

Survival Zombie Apocalypse: #Survival ~ List Of 30 Essential Things You Should Keep in Your Car.

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15 Clever Winter Hacks Everyone Should Know

winter hacks

200+ STAIN FIXES from University of Illinois Extension. Pin now for future stain emergencies!


Tub And Shower Magic Recipe

Tub Cleaner - vinegar and dish soap, no scrubbing! Heat 1/2C white vinegar in mwave for 90 sec, pour int spray bottle. Add 1/2C BLUE Dawn dish soap. Shake gently to mix. Spray on surface, let it sit 1-2 hours. Just wipe it away then rinse with water. Should also take soap scum off shower doors! THIS STUFF IS AMAZING.

Tick repellant: one part tea tree oil to 2parts water in a spray bottle. Spray on shoes socks or pant cuffs.

Interesting. . . a calculator that tells you the best times to fall asleep depending on what time you need to wake up in the morning. I really love my sleep!