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Shoulder Replacement - March 2013. Randy is off for the next few months... and I am off for as long as he needs me... at least a month! We will have FUN trying to figure out what we can do with one arm! ha ha! Doing GREAT so far!

just about sums it up.....some days

Okay regardless of pain I do a full face of make up every day and it's hard but it makes me feel that tiny bit better at least about myself.

phenomenalhaley.w... Pulmonary Hypertension rare disease awareness.

This is what I feel every day. Sorry if I'm a little grumpy. Or a full blown gorilla who thinks you stole the last banana. THINK OF WHY BEFORE YOU JUDGE

This made me laugh out loud. Thank God I finally found my own Dr. House! It's not lupus, it's lyme!!!

"I should have said that yesterday when a "friend" called and told me she'd been meeting LOTS of people with lupus and they're not THAT sick."

I know you see me posting on Facebook or Twitter and wondering why I am not answering your email since I must feel better. I'm sorry, My brain can only handle certain things right now and I am hurting badly and just trying to distract myself from the pain. I will write you soon I promise.