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Thank you for leaving- it allowed your pretty girl to become her own beautiful woman. Thank you for never having been mine - it taught me to belong to myself first and always, before belonging to anyone else; thank you for teaching me to never give myself completely - I will never allow anyone to take away all of me when they go, like you did. Thank you

No. Not fully, yet. SJs, SPs, and NTs...yeah. No issues. And I used to have GREAT issues with SJs. But haven't quite figured out NFs. Not their languAGES, yet. Haven't integrated. So yeah. Some issues. It complicated. Haha.

I have let people bring out the worst in me when I know God will take care of it! I can honestly say I'm proud of myself for not giving in! On a daily basis I'm tempted :) #godseeseverything #knowstheheart #walkinlove

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Lucky Number Thirteen.

Guys,I'm gonna do it...I don't care anymore...I hate myself so much I'm tired I starve myself I want to sleep and not wake up..please don't worry by the time you read this I'll be gone.

So thankful for all the TONS of wonderful people around me! This weekends get together was a great reminder of that! People that are so sweet and loving and thoughtful and let me prove myself instead of lump me in with the last one. And ESPECIALLY grateful for my sweet sweet love and everything he is <3 #lovemylife #livinitup #confidenceinChrist

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Fear Loss? Missing out? Life passing me by? Settling? Why ... take the immediate rather than mindfully work, knowing that someone or that which is worthy of you is on the horizon? I ask myself this question often. Maybe it's the wanna, coulda, shoulda, if only ...

"God has great things in store for His people; they ought to have large expectations." ~ Charles Spurgeon


When life throws you a curve ball…

BUT whatever I didn't plan is part of God's plan,and what He has planned for me will be better than what I could have ever planned.

People are so heartless. I can't believe I ever open myself up to someone that I never thought would hurt me so bad. And then sleep with someone not even a month later.

i'm so tired of feeling like this - and i want to blame you - but in the end i can really only blame myself.

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Marry the guy who... keeps my cold hair warms, inspires uncontainable laughter, lets me be completely myself, protects me, takes care of me, treats me with respect, loves me, loves God... he is my best friend!