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    • Greta LM

      baby gender reveal idea <3 such a cute idea

    • Marley Majcher

      The Party Goddess! Marley Majcher #baby #gender #announcement #idea #photo #balloon #girl

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      Photo booth announcement...have the doc poke a hole in the balloon that is not the color and later u and your hubby can record the reaction as you try the balloon you think it is! Cute Idea

    • Jess Newman

      Cute pregnancy announcement idea

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    A candid list of things to do in the last weeks of pregnancy. I spent way too much time worrying about how many outfits I had for Everly, and that we had her nursery in tip top shape and a shelf full of things like diaper ointment, baby sunscreen, and 4 different kinds of pacifier - and most of it didnt get touched for months and months after she was born. I basically refused to go into labor until I was satisfied with the pile of onesies and hair accessories I had for her. This go round, with lessons learned, Ive been thinking about what I really, truly need to be doing to prepare for those first insane weeks once we bring Arlo home: 1. Bring in a cleaning service to do a good deep clean. I am always on the lookout for half price house cleaning services on Groupon and have been saving one of them specifically for this purpose. I want them to focus on those things that probably wont get too much attention for the next month or two - scrubbing our tub and toilet, wiping down baseboards, and dusting everything. 2. Clean out the fridge and freezer. Friends and family are always so kind and thoughtful in the days and weeks after a baby is born and often bring over meals to heat up and ones to toss in the freezer for later. Having lots of space available to store prepared meals will be required.  3. Stock up on hand soap. With Everly, I was always asking Do you mind washing your hands first? to anyone who visited and wanted to hold her. Between guests, and ourselves, we went through hand soap like crazy the first few months! So this time, Ill have a few extra bottles stored in advance. 4. (TMI - but truth) Load up on big, giant maxi pads. yes, the ones you wore in eighth grade. Depending on where you deliver, they may send you home with a good amount after the baby is born - but trust me, youll go through them faster than you think. I had to send Brent to the grocery store several times in those early weeks with instructions to find the biggest ones they have and bless his heart, he always did it but this time, Im making sure Ive got plenty stored up in advance. 5. Put a waterproof crib liner under the sheets on my side of the bed. Look, I know this one is weird too - but Im hitting 37 weeks on Wednesday and I dont want to have to trash our feather bed if my water breaks in the middle of the night. 6. Put together a folder with all contact information for both our insurance and my maternity paid leave.  I had to sit on the phone way too long in the first days after Everly was born trying to navigate who I was supposed to call to let them know that Everly needed to be added our insurance policy and what documentation and info was needed for me to start receiving my maternity leave pay. This time Im putting all the documenation in one place and making those what do I do next? calls in advance so Ill know just what to do once Arlo arrives. 7. A go-time email to friends and family. Were designating a person on each side of our family to contact everyone else and let them know when I go into labor. Weve got a friend lined up to check on the dogs, and friends/grandparents on standby to care for Everly when I go into labor. This week Ill send out an email laying out what the plan of action is for each person so everyone is crystal clear and we dont have to worry about it while Im huffing and puffing through contractions. What would you add to the list? What was the one thing you wish youd done in advance to make your adjustment easier after your new baby was born? Edit: I want to add some of the best recommendations from other moms as they come in. This is just a handfull - there are more in the comments, be sure to read them all! 8. Full bottomed, comfortable cotton underwear or boy shorts that you wont mind tossing later. Actually - just go ahead and buy them in black. Have at least 6 pairs. Maybe more.  Your super cute bikinis just wont cut it in those early weeks, and you dont want to ruin them anyway. Oh readers. You guys are good. I love these reccomendations. BRING ON THE TMI, I SAY!!!! 9. Make a few padsicles! (Thanks to Meg for this terminology) Pour witch hazel on some of those monster pads and pop them in the freezer. So amazing in those early days when your lady biz needs some relief.  Plus itd be really fun to yell out from the bathroom CAN SOMEONE PLEASE BRING ME A PADSICLE!!!! And while Im thinking out loud here - make sure you place them on the opposite side of the freezer from Aunt Suzies casserole, no need to intermingle dinner with your frozen feminine care products. 10. From Imperfect Bird:  For second time moms: have a date night with your older child! "I did this with my first son in the last couple weeks of my second pregnancy.  I was feeling so tired and miserable, I knew he wasnt getting the best of me and I really wanted to make him feel special!  So we went out to Sonic one night to get slushiesI let him stay up a little late since he was going to be a big brother ;-) and we talked about our favorite memories and what it was going to be like when the baby came.  Hands down one of my BEST memories of pregnancy! "  -  I LOVE this recommendation! Im making a note to schedule some extra special one on one time with Everly. Love, M

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