Mud cloths (bogolanfini) are a distinctive fabric made by the Bamana peoples of Mali, West Africa. They are made into men's sleeveless loose tops and women's wrap-around skirts (tafe). Narrow pieces of cotton cloth are produced on treadle looms worked by men. These strips of cloth are then sewn together by hand to create a complete textile which is then resist-dyed.


Lolita - Jessica Hisch

Lovely piano key poster design

TEXTILE SAMPLE, Josef Hoffmann, ca. 1920

King Kong Firecracker Brick Label by Mr Brick Label, via Flickr

Wiener Werkstätte 1900s

Book cover

nice technique to use on a different pattern. Vintage Vera Neumann Linen Towel - Yellow Apples Grey Leaves

surtex 2012 by ktyazoo, via Flickr

Hargreaves 1849 Printed textile design, produced by Hargreaves in 1849.

Image Via: Ashley Goldberg

// low contrast

Designer: Josef Hoffmann (Austrian Pirnitz 1870–1956 Vienna) Manufacturer: Wiener Werkstätte Date: ca. 1920 Textile sample

Ashley Goldberg Print Design

French Panel c.1920s

georgiana paraschiv

Textile Sample, Wiener Werkstätte, ca. 1910–28


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