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Ami James. And, yes, he does belong on my "Yums" board because let's face it...he is yummy. (Not as yummy as my husband of course though!)

Ami James From The Reality Shows NY Ink & Miami Ink

Ami James runs the Wooster Street Social Club in NYC. The shop is filled with drama, but he is still able to pump out some of the best ink in the city.

Ami... ooommm eat me now ! look at the traditional ink. not sure if it is chinese or japanese

Pinterest needs more Ami James hotness, right Faith Elle?

bohemea: Amy Winehouse (September 14th, 1983 - July 23rd, 2011)

Cocky, too confident, and dripping with sex, women couldn't resist him even when they knew it was a bad idea. His smile melted panties, and he knew how to hustle.

The 'Batch is rolling up his sleeves to get to work doing some chores in the garden. And here you thought he couldn't get any sexier. -N

ariana-worlds: “ariana-worlds: “James Franco as James Dean ” ”

This is a great Christmas Card, I feel some people would really appreciate the humor, others would not.

Did I mention Adam Levine already? Oops, my bad (LOL)...

James Dean-most people think that his car accident was alchohol related. If you actually read the coroner's report, the cause was an embelism in his brain. The way I understood it was , he essentially had a clot in his body his whole life, it worked into his brain and he lost control of his car when it happened. Not a rebel without a cause. Just a rebel with health problems.