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  • Gabby Giambanco

    BOYS! That's so raven!!! I remember this!! :)

  • Kamille Nistler

    That's so Raven. I remember this episode. It was so funny...

  • LisaJune

    Does anyone else remember this? I just about 30 minutes looking up the old Disney channel classic shows

  • Tasha Yarris

    THAT'S SO RAVEN. best childhood show ever. Sad part is, I can remember this whole song

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My whole life just fell into place. It's like the entire universe has been explained. I'm dying right now.

That's So Raven-- I miss this show

This pretty much sums up why I will miss excellent old Disney channel shows like Thats so Raven

lie detector test: when they repeat themselfs to check themself and they misunderstand themselfs.... they are probly lieing or scared....

Raven Symone. I'm ready for that come back. She was hilarious and she had a really good voice.

I remeber this episode! Awe I miss the old disney channel :,( they should have a channel with ALL the old shows!

OMG I remember when he hallucinated that the blonde chick could sing when really she sounded like several dying cats

That's so raven. The best show ever created.

That's so raven...this is so funny!

That's So Raven. 2003-2007. Though Raven Symone can be pretty annoying , i did enjoy this show for the most part.

'Wherefore art thou Romeo' means 'why must you be Romeo,' not 'where are you, Romeo.' Get it together, That's So Raven...