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  • Ingrid Gour

    mother and child (This painting was a gift from my mother who thought I resembled the mother in this print. It's been gracing my home for many years now & reminds me of her every time I look at it) Robert Duncan

  • Friederike Crimmin

    mother and son - Robert Duncan (reminds me of Pattie holding her baby)

  • Ann Welch

    "Mother and Son" (1987), by American artist - Robert Duncan (1952 - )

  • Marva Bartausky

    Mother and Son Art Print by Robert Duncan

  • Familius

    Robert Duncan Art "Mother And Son"

  • Anita Mitchell

    Precious moment - "Mother and Son" by Robert Duncan

  • Becky Connolly

    "Mother and Son" by Robert Duncan I want this painting so badly

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"Mother" Lovely pic of a Mothers Love for her child. Reminds me of my daughter and i when we used to take naps together. Priceless.

Mother and Child, 1901, Pablo Picasso. “Only one person has the right to criticize me. That is Picasso.” — Henri Matisse

I want Kevin to paint something like this of me and Krista...

AUGUSTE RODIN Young Mother with Child. Sculpture. This beautiful sculpture was completed in 1885.

"Mother and Child" by Camille Corot

mother Mary and child Jesus. His little face here reminds me of my son.

When we do not flow freely with life in the present moment, it usually means we are holding on to a past moment. It can be regret, sadness, hurt, fear or guilt, blame, anger, resentment, & sometimes even the desire for revenge. These states come from a space of unforgiveness, & refusal to let go and come into the present moment. Love is always the answer to healing of any sort & the pathway to love is forgiveness. Forgiveness dissolves resentment. - Louise L. Hay (Print by kmberggren on Etsy)

Mother and Child Painting Art Print Mounted on Wood by Sascalia, $35.00

Mother and Child een heel universeel beeld een moeder kijkt vol liefde naar haar zoon Jesus, zo wel nu en in het verleden zijn er ook trotse moeders die ook heel beel van hun kindje houden xxx.