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  • Linsey Taylor

    Nathan Fillion est Mal Solo: YEESSSS....Firefly Star Wars cosplay mashup!!!

  • Shannon Moore Zoutte

    If they had to recast for the new Star Wars Nathan Fillion would be the most amazing Han Solo! *I totally agree! #Firefly #NathanFillion #StarWars #Humor

  • Natalie Stevens

    Nathan Fillion as Han Solo (one of the inspirations in developing the character of Captain Mal)

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This is how Nathan Fillion replied to: If Fox were to apologize for cancelling the show, how would he get them to do it?

Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, a show too good for television

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Because no one can get his geek on like Nathan Fillion. LOVE!

Ladies, Gentleman I give you .... the KING OF THE GEEKS!!!!!!!!

I aim to misbehave! ♥ my Captain Tighpants! #Firefly

Had never thought about Firefly being Steampunk until someone pointed it out to me. They were a group out of their time. Space Steampunk. Ok, I am going on record to coin this new genre -- Space Steampunk.

Captain of the 90's. Oh Nathan Fillion. SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better as Captain Tight Pants.

Nathan Fillion For "Geek Magazine"- referencing Clint Eastwood, my hero.

Nathan Fillion For "Geek Magazine". he has a whip and Indy's hat. my heart explodes.