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    I'm Done Jar

    Fast finishers

    I'm Done! Now What Jar for early finishers

    Cute idea for lining up

    I love the idea of random rewards of things they can do rather than "things" for rewards

    Early Finishers

    Miss Kindergarten: I'm Done Jar 2.0!

    You know that student... the one who whips through an assignment at lightning speed only to raise their hand with that dreaded question.. "I'm done, now what do I do?" Stress no further! If students ask you that question, you can kindly direct them to the "I'm Done Now What Do I Do Bored Busters" activity circles! These 30 prompts will keep your quick finishers busy! Enjoy and don't forget to rate!

    Tired of hearing, “I’m done! What do I do now?” all the time even though you have given directions on what to do next? This classroom management printable will help your early finishers know what to do “next”. This product gives students a list of “to do” items to keep them engaged in the learning process if they finish their work early. Included are 4 landscaped posters to display and 20 different learning choices for students. My favorite is the “I can” poster. $

    Rainbow in a jar ~ Would make a great science lesson! Barry Smith

    Experiment for Kids- Make a Rain Cloud in a Jar {Fun educational Science kids LOVE!}

    Early Finisher Task Cards-Keep Students Engaged

    3-tier paper tent. The sides say "I need help," "I'm working hard," and "I'm finished." This is good for kids to self monitor and will definitely help to alleviate all the "I'm done, what do I do now!?"

    Brain Bubbles - Idea for Early Finishers

    cute job chart

    I'm Done Jar.... Use this for students to have different activities to do when they finish assignments quickly. Something that keeps them learning and practicing!

    Education to the Core: 10 Things I Would Tell Myself As a First Year Teacher

    Keeping "track" of exit tickets (or any other quick student responses). After students finish with their responses, they stick them to their student number on the chart

    Free apps list

    Make an “I’m Done!” cup so that early finishers aren’t bored.