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  • Amanda G

    This actually should not go in my "Funny Stuff" folder because it is true.

  • Tracy Bennett

    In an effort to be sympathetic to your constantly depressing and overly dramatic Facebook posts, I have added you to my hide list. | Sympathy Ecard

  • Lisa Workman

    Lol true story

  • Marc Long

    So true, my hide list goes up almost weekly.

  • Farrah Forshey

    Just did this to someone that gets a hundred likes for every bitchy moan and insightful life quote from the sheep that worship them. Makes me ill

  • Kathleen Morrissey Flickinger Potter

    Omgosh, I feel so guilty for pinning this, but it's so true with some people! I can't unfriend 'em cause I love 'em, but they drive me NUTS! :)

  • Gigi Kay T

    Oh... I seriously laughed out loud, because it's SO true! XD

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