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It's so true.....

I feel like I had the better childhood. I lived in the real world, while kids today live in technology.

oh this is killing me!!!!!!!! like when i "accidently" called the boy my friend liked on her phone! XD ;D ;) ;D

So true. I accidently called my crush's house phone yesterday. that was true panic.

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my crush is always staring at me when I try to stare at him and then we make eye contact, look away, and start blushing.

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I know sometimes I wanna murder my sibling but then they also help you get through different things together :)

very true right now with my sister I'm like ill help you hide the body with my brother I'm like don't even breathe in my direction! it's like just leave me alone your not my dad

I get that same feeling

I'm so lonely - isn't that sad. But don't text me - I'm busy - got things to do. But, why don't you ever text me?

*Goes through my new daily routine- what i'll do now, who i'll stay with, etc*

♡ Me every time. Like every single time my parents say they'll be home at a…