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From now on, I shall not throw away card board boxes, all the fun things you can make for your kids. The ideas are endless.

One of the fun demonstrations during my "Under Pressure" class. Who knew a bendy straw and a cheese puff could teach Bernoulli's principle?

Did you know that straws can make music… or rather, that if you cut drinking straws into different lengths, they will make different sounds when you blow into them? Just try it! And when you put them together, there might even be music :)

Angry Birds Catapult! Make a large one for outdoors using sticks and bungee cords. Try to hit at bulls eye!

finally a craft for the boy...but I'd have him shoot acorns or something other than buttons.

Apartment Therapyfrom Apartment Therapy

Indoor Activity: Make Cardboard Stackers — Meaningful Mama

cardboard stackers

Helped my student make this catapult for a high school physics project. Used 2" scrap lumber, screws, 2 cup hooks, and a short bungee cord. Made a projectile seat out of card stock and hot glued it on. Also copied a protractor and taped it to the side for calibration. Throws a small bean bag about 10 meters (32.8 ft) at full force.

Kids Activities Blogfrom Kids Activities Blog

Easy {and Fun} Catapult for Kids to Make

Love how simple and easy this is to make with your kids --->Easy {and Fun} Catapult for Kids to Make

Colorful Catapult Made with a spring clothespin, this simple catapult lets kids take aim with paper balls that pose no threat to man or beast

Marshmallow can't tell me that any boy wouldn't love this to aim at a target or someone's mouth. Watch video @

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easy marshmallow catapults {summer fun for kids

easy #marshmallow catapults

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Summer Activity Jars and Grab Bags

summer fun