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  • Happy Cat

    Stairs at Swarovski in Paris. Want this in my house! this will be in my dream house

  • Anna-Marie Stoehr

    Oooo glitter stairs!!! Must be the stairway to heaven!! ;-)

  • Risa Goodman

    glitter stairs <3 these are going in my future house for sure

  • Mallu Gomez

    glittery stairs in the Swarovski Crystal shop in Paris - I was there in August. They are amazing!!

  • Kailee Rebecca

    I've always wanted a glitter floor but this will do :)


    Love it! Don't know in what part of my "Dream Home" it would fit into as far as decor wise BUT I would figure out something!! Doubt Mike like that too much BUT if he can have a "Man Cave" I can have a "Woman Cave" lol!! MB!!: #MOK-C

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Yeah right!?!? When I hit the lotto.

Winding stairs--I used to dream about hallways and library spaces a lot. This is just like my dream!

Curta seu estilo Empório das Gravatas em um lugar aconchegante ~ www.emporiodasgra... ... rustic staircase and entry...

I wish I had the means to decorate and customize my own home. Of course that would mean needing a home to start with!

Blue on white Greece. What a stunning effect. Clean, breezy, sharp. What a contrast.

The mix of prints and patterns is incredible. That staircase is unreal.

Colorful set of staircase seen someplace in Bangalore, India. I have not seen any other like this in India, but then, I haven't lived in the state of Kerala, where houses are known to be rather colorful. :-)

Neat iron staircase at the abandoned Weston State Hospital in West Virginia. Love the detail!

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