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would love to have a treehouse in the backyard for my future kids. great idea to have a main treehouse and having a fenced verandah type thingy around a second tree with a bridge joining them together :)

Scottish tree/lake house - Fancy Tree House #Treehouse

Nice view of the water! It would be nice if you put the bed near a lower window and watched the water at night! or just sit out on the bench they have lol

Eschewing excess space and making the most of every inch, these functional but tiny houses prove that bigger is not always better.

22 Tiny Houses We Love

Treehouse at Pilchuck Glass School near Stanwood, WA. Submitted by Jason Warner. Treehouse at Pilchuck Glass School near Stanwood, WA. Submitted by Jason Warner.

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant (Auckland, Nuova Zelanda) Uno spettacolare ristorante avvolto intorno ad un albero: lo Yellow Treehouse Restaurant può ospitare fino a 16 persone.

Perched high in the treetops is the stunning Yellow Treehouse Restaurant by the New Zealand based Pacific Environments Architects Ltd. This treehouse restaurant resides on the north of Auckland, New Zealand, nestled into a 40 meter high redwood tree.

La casa sull'albero? No, la casa NELL'albero!

World Famous Tree House -Redwood Highway 20 miles south of Gaberville, Calif., Mendocino County, Lilley Park (also known as Tree House Park)


The small log cabin designs featured here are ideal for getaways and retreats. Nestled in rustic wooded settings, they offer countless opportunities to enjoy the out-of-doors year-round!

Pensavi che la tua casa fosse un po' strana?<br/<br/>Dai un'occhiata a queste e ti ricrederai subito!!!

So it's not a house, but it is a treehouse restaurant. What a beautiful tree, hope they preserve it well! Hmmm I wonder what's the story behind this restaurant. Naha Harbor Diner aka The Treehouse Restaurant, Okinawa, Japan.

the lion, witch and playroom (on the off chance you have so many rooms in your home you dont know what to do with them all.....)

Morning coffee (40 photos)

Narnia-like Wardrobe Hidden Playroom. If I'm ever super rich, I'll do this for my kids. Heck, forget the kids, I'll make my own secret room.