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  • Lilly Natures Blessings

    Grounding is one of the most ancient healing form of energy. Grounding or Earthing is the ability of the body to simply connect with the Earth. Ancient cultures, shamans honored and knew the importance of grounding, treating Mother Earth with utmost respect.

  • Juil

    "If you can heal yourself and live in a natural, balanced way, why wouldn’t you?" ~D. Gelfand Check out today's blog on how #Grounding can change YOUR life! #StayConnected

  • ChristineEliane Smith

    8 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Finances

  • Gtimez2

    "Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Grass 1. Improves Blood Circulation Walking barefoot on grass improves blood circulation. Leg muscles are activated by walking which pump blood back to the heart. As a result, the stress on the total cardiovascular system is reduced. Therefore walking barefoot is suggested for the people suffering from vein problems. Walking barefoot on grass in cool morning atmosphere also prevents exhaustion. 2. Improves eye sight In morning, walking barefoot on grass is an excellent way to improve eye sight. Eye nerve system is attached to the rare part of foot which rejuvenates by walking, thereby it improves eye sight. Looking at green also soothes the eyes. 3. Decreases anxiety and depression Walking barefoot on grass helps to decrease stress level by 62 percent. Walking barefoot on grass for 10 minutes helps to alleviate stress. Seeing natural scenes and being surrounded by greenery helps you to feel nearer to nature which takes your mind off from daily tensions as well as relax your body. It also increases the feel good hormones (endorphins). 4. Balances Electrons Walking barefoot on grass balances the electrons of the body. There is a major link between charge of our body and ground. Earth works as electric energy’s natural reservoir. When a person having too much negative charge electrons walk barefoot on grass, his electrons will be absorbed into the Earth and if a person has a more positive charge electrons or has insufficient electrons, then the Earth will provide electrons to maintain the balance. 5. Builds Strength Shoes don’t let the foot structures to move freely so the muscles of foot become weaker. Walking barefoot on grass strengthens the small muscles inside the arch of foot as well as provides better balance, strength and support. 6. Alleviates Back ache Walking barefoot on grass also helps to alleviate back ache. Shoes agitate our sense of equilibrium as well as promote unequal weight distribution. Unequal weight distribution causes back ache by putting needless strain on the spine. Walking barefoot corrects the posture and equilibrium of a person as well as promotes equal weight distribution. 7.Increases Chi It is believed that walking barefoot on grass helps a person to absorb Chi by the soles of their feet. Chi is a life force energy which boosts the energy and mental stimulation. Chi helps a person to relax as well as enhances their concentration and capacity to do work.

  • Nosotras .com

    Cómo evitar el dolor de pies. Nosotras os damos algunas claves para evitarlo de forma natural.

  • Ann-Kathrin Lumpe

    Du spürst unter deinen Füßen das Gras

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I will no longer fear the other shoe dropping. Because when it does – sometimes it just does – I’ll be grateful for the opportunity to walk around barefoot for awhile.

A must for summer patios!!

YES! All too often folks are so concerned with what's going on with someone else they don't take the time to care for their own business and no wonder it's less appealing. It's been neglected, disrespected and often times treated as if it was less valuable than it actually is.

I have gotten a photo like this before but it did not have a beach behind it it just had dirt because New Mexico is just dirt... lol

"I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." ― John Muir

I love this fescue grass in certain areas instead of ordinary lawn. It never has to be mowed, and looks like a meadow of 'rolling sea' green. Requires regular watering, however.

barefoot in the daisies...we need to have a picnic in a random field sometime...and make daisy headbands

lead the way...because if you follow the foot prints of someone else.. you would not leave your own trail...

Comment les personnes du 3ème age occupent leur temps

the grass is greener on my side

“I take you in bare feet: this is my humility, and this nakedness of feet is my boldness. “