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Sea Dragon


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    A pretty awesome Leafy Sea Dragon, which is a marine fish in the family Syngnathidae, which also includes the seahorses


    7 Extraordinary Examples of Animal Camouflage.Sea creatures are particularly fond of blending in. From nudibranchs to the octopus, from cuttlefish to many other brilliant fish, marine life has learned to hide. Future posts in this series will take you on an underwater journey to see these incredible animals, and here is another peek. The leafy sea dragon looks like a bunch of undulating undersea fronds or a stray kelp thicket.

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Did you know the tail of a male leafy sea dragon will turn bright yellow when he is ready to mate? (This stunning creature was photographed by Brad Chiplin)

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thelovelyseas: Weedy Action - Flinders Vic by Matt Krumins on...

Leafy Sea Horse -Did you know that sea horses have no stomachs so they have to eat constantly?

This leafy sea dragon is a cousin of the seahorse. Elegant fish.

too much of a good thing? by lndr, via Flickr

Leafy Sea Dragon-one of my favorites! Saw them at the Georgia Aquarium... what a lovely discovery! I was looking for the sea horses and low and behold DRAGONS!

Sea Dragon. I saw one in an aquarium in Tennessee. It is hard to believe it is real. Terrific camouflage.

Together forever! Most seahorses mate and stay together for a very long time.

Leafy sea dragon... These guys (and the weedy sea dragon) are my favorite Ocean-dwellers!